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Submitted date: 25/12/2013
Admin details - 250ptcbux.com
Admin name: Adrian Lopez
Admin email: lopsadri2@hotmail.com
Admin city: Barcelona
Admin country: ES
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PTC comments
nerdbux.com: im very dispointed with this site, maybe some got their payment.but this site suspend my account when i submit a support ticket no answer. i do know w...
a-mbux.com: @anonymous, just because a-mbux only has 2 payment proofs uploaded, that does not mean that he is not paying. Do you have more proof and if so then pl...
a-mbux.com: scam site admin is not paying check payment proof its website says paid over 50$ and only 2 payment proof is uploaded...
clixhunter.com: payment proof of cheating!!! http://prntscr.com/39eipt...
eprofitbux.com: yes, you all are right. i am also victims from this sites. So, don,t invest any money, because they are 100% scam....
buxbyss2014.com: Dungabux también es scam publicarlo tambien para que no engañen a nadie mas...
clickbucz.com: non payé depuis le 24 mars ???? aucune reponse a mes tickets ???? aucune reponse sur le forum si j ai bien regardé sur l ensemble du forum pas plus d...
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