bux-world.com ptc website is a scam!

This ptc website is now included in m-ways.com scam ptc sites list.
Reason: Site closed!

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bux-world.com - scam ptc website details

Submitted date: 8/5/2013
Admin details - bux-world.com
Admin name: Eddoss Eddoss
Admin email: info@discount-micro.com
Admin city: Courtry
Admin country: FR
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oceanbux.com: Ofcourse, it will NOT close on Sep 20, the licence is extended....
globalbux.net: ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_word.. ..long_wor...
graybux.com: there is no forum, always redirected when we click it,,, and there is no proof of payment...
treasureclix.com: Did you checked it again, it has 1 year license now!!...
nanobux.net: Site gone. Can't report that it's not load, because get a framebreaker ad. Try it... ...
globalbux.net: GlobalBux is a SCAM! No payment since 07/31/2014, and forum is gone......
globalbux.net: No payment since 07/31/2014, Forum gone...
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