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Submitted date: 4/4/2013
Admin details -
Admin name: Adam Coghill
Admin email:
Admin city: Keilor park
Admin country: AU
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By : Safdar Bilal

High Earning Potential....!!!

Pay per own click : Upto $0.3
Pay per referral click : upto $0.25
Minimum deposit :
Maximum deposit
Minimum cashout :$2
Maximum cashout :
Cashout fee/Max :
Payment processors :Paypal, payza, Solid trust pay, Bux essential

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Well, you earn alot of money pretty fast here. But the problems occur when you want to cashhout. When you register it only says "$2 USD minimum payout", and you reach that minimum border within a week, and then another hidden limit is 100 clicks before you can cashout.
Ok, I have more than $2 USD and more than 100 clicks, and now another hidden rule... you have to invest money before you can request a payout.
In order to cashout $2 USD I have to invest almost $ 8 USD....(!)
It seems like 90 % of PTC sites are scammers, and this one is pretty new and if admin want to show that he is serious he should take away that silly rule. My advise to you people is, do NOT invest money here! & forever!
21-04-2013 - 02:06 pm -0500
Trafficexbux is SCAM, Adam Coghill is scammer.
I spent 25 dollars in a membership to earn money, and I was the victim of deception.
01-05-2013 - 02:30 pm -0500
My payout is still pending...... No response from trafficexbux fr my emails...:(:@
03-06-2013 - 01:40 pm -0500
I first requested a payout for a little more than $4 the end of July. Never heard from trafficexbux. No response at all to my support ticket requests. When my balance got up to almost $25, couldn't submit a request for payout because the first one was still pending. Then I began to get a notice when I'd log in to my account that say my accounts was expiring in 8 days. Send several support ticket requests, never got any response. then when I last tried to log in, the site couldn't be found.
23-08-2013 - 04:47 am -0500

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